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blue by sruo
'Nother bear
trying new-ish shading thing

art is mine
//cringes as i delete all my hair nation rock to make space for iOS8... 

 I've been getting a couple rude comments on my art saying how some of my deviations aren't to their taste or how they can't believe that some of my small sketches get so much attention?? sure yeah I understand your opinion and thanks for it but i never asked for it in the first place?? i draw to please myself, not others. it just so happens that a lot of people take a liking to my art style/drawings. and so what? so what if there's X views on a deviation or X amount if favourites/comments? who cares? i draw because i want to. 

sure, sometimes i like to draw gifts and stuff for people and that might /please/ them, but im just doing out of my part and out of my time, not because it's been demanded. as my French teacher from a couple years ago would say: don't like it? don't look. it's as simple as that. i don't want to deal with nor have to tolerate rude/bashful comments. i understand you have opinions and I respect that, but you can't use that old excuse as a bumper-sticker to protect yourself. honestly i don't care what you think about my artwork. it wasn't drawn for /you/ so why should i take /your/ comments seriously? grow up.

 im glad that people like my art, and im proud of myself for making it this far on dA, with +1k watchers and whatnot, knowing that over one thousand people (give or take a few) are willing to click that watch button and view my art on a /weekly/ basis. (I'm going to try to post some more later on) I appreciate your support but if you're oh so bothered by my artwork then don't look? change tabs? exit the page? go on someone else's page instead? it doesn't take that much effort to do instead of typing up a hurtful comment? Im not just some sort of machine that spews drawings like pulling handkerchiefs out of a magicians' hat. it's not always that easy to come up with ideas of what to draw. you need to understand that. im just some 14 year old kid that wants to draw for a living without constantly being criticized about my choices as an aspiring artist and what I want to do with it as I grow up. 

My art has changed drastically over the past two years because of dA and because i started taking my art seriously. As i got better with anatomy and art styles, I'm being told it's no good anymore. it's not to the users taste. it's not right. it doesn't look good. it's drawn funny. it looks weird. I've even been asked: how are you even an artist? 

 at this point I've been ignoring it but it piles up. I've always been told to ignore bullies or mean things, but how can i when there's people who're constantly reminding me of that every day? how am i supposed to do that when i can't go a week or a couple days without being told how im not good at this or that? it's not that easy to ignore anymore. listen, if you're going to type up a rude comment, do it somewheres else. or don't do it at all, even better. I'm really fed up with all these people telling me I'm not good enough. im through with it. To be honest i really could care less about your rude comment or snotty remark about a /small/ mistake i made. but, you had to make it public, hm? You could of just send me a note or something instead of pointing out the /mistakes/ on my art and my drawings publicly. it's not that difficult to send me a note or a private message. it really isn't. 

i don't want to be constantly complaining about all the rude remarks but it really does hurt sometimes to see that one comment on a deviation, between all the compliments or nice comments. it stands out. and it's not that hard to find, looking through my inbox quickly in the mornings. i really don't appreciate them and i will try to reply to them best I can without sounding as immature as the person who just had to point out the small mistakes. hell, sometimes people point out things that aren't even there? what are you trying to accomplish? I don't know. but I'd rather not have to deal with comments like that. thanks to those who actually read through all of this. 

and for those who don't feel like reading the whole entire thing tl;dr : don't post rude comments on my art.  
ych drawings (your character here drawings) ... Would you be interested?
26 deviants said yes
6 deviants said no
you should all go check out EMPlRE 's artwork okay they're my best bud at school and they draw the best chibis okay go go go
Two Laughing Dorks by EMPlRE 

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